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hi, friends!

it’s almost june, so that means a lot of you will be taking a summer vacation in the near future.  knowing what to wear for travel and what to pack can be tough, because many of us want to avoid overpacking but still want to feel like we have plenty of options when we get to our destination.  i’m someone who only recently has been able to figure out how to pack without overpacking, so i thought i could share some of my tips.

this outfit was inspired by the top, but once i put it together i felt like it was perfect for a seaside vacation!  i just so happened to stumble upon this wall on 8th avenue south in nashville, and the colors ended up coordinating perfectly.  this look was shot by the wonderful chelsea rochelle on a blustery sunday morning!

dreaming trees casual summer travel look

hat – free people; tank – madewell; jeans – free people; sandals – madewell; bag – clare vivier

one of the easiest ways to pack is to keep your color palette pretty much the same; this way you know everything you bring will easily coordinate with one another.  blues, white, grays, tan, and navy will always look great together, and usually go well with the beach, but for you it might be different.  think about the colors you gravitate towards and wear most often, and build the palette around that.  typically i pack all of my current favorite items that i can’t get enough of but i always try to edit down my initial selection.  i actually tend not to pack “outfits” unless i’m attending an event, but it certainly is an efficient way to do it, especially if you’re not as confident at putting looks together on the fly.

dreaming trees casual summer travel look

i almost always bring a hat with me on vacation, and if i’m flying then i’ll just wear it on the plane.  that way it doesn’t get smushed in my suitcase, but i have it handy from the second i get there.  a great clutch or crossbody is also a must, and i typically use a large tote for my in-flight “purse” and put my extra bags in a dust bag in my tote for the flight.  i can also put a small bag filled with my bracelets and rings in there as well.

shoes can be cumbersome so bring as few as possible, and think about the pair you wear on the flight (i wear my sandals and bring a pair of socks in my tote for my trip through security).  if your suitcase has pockets for your shoes, try to limit yourself to that number.  for me, i typically get get away with three pairs of shoes; casual flat sandals, a pair of neutral wedges, and an ankle boot.  i also recommend bringing at least one pair of pants (typically jeans) and a go-to sweater or jacket so that you have them in case it gets cool.  i actually like to wear these on the plane so that i have a bit more room in my suitcase.

i’ve gotten the hang of just carrying on my luggage for shorter trips (5 days or fewer), and an arsenal of travel-sized toiletry products along with a pared-down makeup bag are pivotal for this.  i bring only my favorite, essential makeup items and put everything in one bag (including brushes) and just the essential hair products and skin care.  get samples of your favorite products for your trip or make them from empty containers you pick up at the drugstore!  if you’re driving you probably have a bit more freedom to bring some extra items, but it’s always nice to travel lightly!

dreaming trees casual summer travel look

dreaming trees casual summer travel look

sunglasses – free people

dreaming trees casual summer travel look

dreaming trees casual summer travel look

➶ details ➴

dreaming trees casual summer travel look

isn’t this top pretty?  i love that it’s basically a very casual tank upgraded with feminine details.  it begs to be taken to the beach!

dreaming trees casual summer travel look

dreaming trees casual summer travel look


well, i hope those were some quick helpful tips for your travel prep!  what are y’all’s plans this summer?  tell me in the comments!

that’s a wrap, folks! ➸

many thanks for reading!

➳ alyssa

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