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  • cloud nine
    outfit of the day

    cloud nine

    hi, friends! hope y’all have had a great week!  we’ve had a lot of rain in nashville but also a lot of sunshine — balance, right?  anyway, i’m super excited about this…

  • cropped sweater & high-rise denim
    outfit of the day, style tips


    hi, friends! happy friday!  it’s been pretty cold here but i think we’re supposed to get some warmer weather soon, so things are looking up!  however, the best thing to happen around…

  • casual cool
    outfit of the day

    casual layers

    hi, friends! y’all it’s already midway through january…i can’t believe it.  the weather has really fluctuated over the past couple of weeks with snow and very chilly temperatures last week and balmy,…

  • boho new year's eve
    outfit inspiration

    holiday style part 2

    hi, friends! sorry for the delay on this post, but i got very sick with a stomach bug last week and just wasn’t up to finishing the post for friday.  hopefully this…

  • fall flannel
    outfit of the day

    fall flannel

    hi, friends! hope you all are excited for halloween weekend!  i am!  i love dressing in costume and tend to gravitate toward dressing as people with a distinct style or outfit and…

  • sunnydip
    outfit of the day


    hi, friends! hope y’all have had a fabulous start to your october.  i’m headed to a great friend’s wedding this weekend, and i’m so excited because it’s one of my college friends…

  • glow
    outfit of the day


    hi, friends! happy friday!  hope y’all had a great week.  i’ve got another weekend of horse showing ahead of me, so i’m looking forward to that!  hope y’all like this outfit.  got…