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  • sweater weather
    collaboration, outfit of the day

    sweater weather

    hi, friends! happy friday!¬† i’m sure you’re all gearing up for a fun halloween weekend; i know i am!¬† i’ve got lots of fun plans (for once lol) and have a couple…

  • autumn gold
    outfit of the day

    autumn gold

    hi, friends! happy friday, y’all! ¬†hope you had a great week. ¬†sharing an outfit i’m really excited about because i am obsessed with my top. ¬†i literally stalked this top because it…

  • back road
    outfit inspiration, photoshoot, trend to try

    back road

    hi, friends! happy first friday of june, y’all! ¬†i cannot believe it’s june…cma fest is around the corner and the nashville predators are in the stanley cup final! ¬†work has been wild…

  • style resolutions
    photoshoot, style challenge

    style resolutions

    hi, friends! happy 2016! while i’m not the biggest proponent of new year’s resolutions, i do think reflection is important and beneficial. now is the time that we all reflect on the…

  • outfit of the day, style tips

    flare up

    hi, friends! welcome to this week’s installment, which is dedicated to helping you update your style by incorporating one of spring 2015’s best trends — flares! ¬†the 1970’s boho staple¬†made their way…

  • outfit of the day, photoshoot

    arctic fox

    hi, friends! this week’s photos are pretty special, if i may say so myself. ¬†delaney took me to one of her favorite locations to shoot, and i have to say i think…