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  • music fest
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    music fest

    hi, friends! it’s that time of year again…cma music festival in nashville! ¬†this is one of my busiest times for work, and it’s a hugely popular week for visitors coming to nashville.…

  • nashville style
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    long weekend

    hi, friends! shoot, y’all, i cannot believe¬†it’s already memorial day weekend! ¬†this summer is going by so fast, it’s incredible. ¬†i feel like may was only a week long, and we’re already…

  • modern muse
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    modern muse

    hi, friends! i hope everyone had a relaxing, enjoyable christmas filled with love! ¬†i also hope santa was good to you, but mostly i hope you’ve gotten some quality time with your…

  • casual bohemian summer look
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    hi, friends! well, it’s almost august and summer is in full swing in nashville. ¬†it’s hot and humid and the bugs are bad, but it’s also my birth month so i’m pretty…