• cloud nine
    outfit of the day

    cloud nine

    hi, friends! hope y’all have had a great week! ¬†we’ve had a lot of rain in nashville but also a lot of sunshine — balance, right? ¬†anyway, i’m super excited about this…

  • outfit of the day

    easy street

    hi, friends! hope y’all like this week’s outfit! ¬†it’s kind of my take on a¬†casual, feminine style that i think is perfect for a spring weekend outing like a sunday funday or…

  • boy meets girl
    outfit of the day

    boy meets girl

    hi, friends! hope y’all have had a great week this week! ¬†i am in omaha watching the world cup with my barn family and i am so happy! ¬†it’s a very cool…

  • feminine boho
    collaboration, outfit of the day


    hi, friends! can’t believe march is already coming to an end. ¬†next week, i’m headed to omaha, nebraska to watch the world cup final for show jumping! ¬†i am so excited to…

  • beauty

    an honest glossier review

    hi, friends! i’ve got something a little different for y’all today. ¬†as i’ve gotten older, and especially within the past 3 years or so, i’ve really begun to take my skincare routine…

  • cropped sweater & high-rise denim
    outfit of the day, style tips


    hi, friends! happy friday! ¬†it’s been pretty cold here but i think we’re supposed to get some warmer weather soon, so things are looking up! ¬†however, the best thing to happen around…

  • cool & casual
    outfit of the day, shopping tips

    casual & cool

    hi, friends! y’all, this weather is insane. ¬†i had planned to post a different outfit today, but since wednesday’s¬†forecast started calling for snow on tomorrow, i thought it made sense to go…

  • spring blush
    collaboration, outfit inspiration

    spring blush

    hi, friends! hope y’all have had a wonderful week. ¬†nashville’s weather has been even more spring-like over the past week, and it’s starting to look like maybe we are going to get…