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i’ve got something a little different for y’all today.  as i’ve gotten older, and especially within the past 3 years or so, i’ve really begun to take my skincare routine quite seriously.  as a late twenty something with dry, sensitive skin, i’ve been focused on keeping my skin hydrated and calm while simultaneously combatting and preventing signs of aging.  i’ve tried a lot of products, and while everyone has different skin and different issues, i thought it might be helpful to begin to share my thoughts and favorite products with my followers.

as the first installation in my beauty series, i thought it would be very helpful to post my thoughts on the ever-popular beauty brand glossier.  if you have an instagram, it’s highly likely you’ve at least heard of glossier.  their targeted marketing and sleek packaging is very attractive to millenials, and their products are touted as affordable, effective skincare for the digital generation.  as someone who cares about their skin and will basically try anything to keep it feeling great, i was excited to try their items and went all-in. glossier only recently began to allow users to review and rate products on their site, so you can always read those on the products you’re interested in, but i thought a more comprehensive look at the items i’ve used might be helpful.

it is also extremely difficult to find an honest, not sponsored, review of their products from bloggers or beauty publications.  so let me reiterate that every item reviewed here, i paid for myself.  i simply want to share my honest feedback on the products i have tried in order for you to make educated decisions if you’re interested in trying their line.

honest review glossier products

skincare i’ve tried

the supers
glossier’s answer to the serum craze, the supers are promoted as targeted serums for 3 key skincare needs – dryness, brightness, and sensitivity. i was very excited about this launch and purchased the “super pack” that includes all three products at a slight savings. i really like the packaging of these with the large bottles and droppers, although i hate the videos that show users applying the dropper directly to the skin; the entire point of the dropper is to keep the product hygienic, so please, don’t do this! i find the easiest way to apply these is to dispense 3 or 4 drops directly into the palm of your hand. lightly rub your hands together to warm up the product and get it onto both hands, and then pat the serum gently onto your face and neck. one thing to consider with making a purchase is that products like serums are generally most effective when used on a consistent (read: daily) basis. so, it may not be the best choice to purchase all three as you are advised to use each serum only once daily; although you can use multiple serums per day, according to glossier.

super glow is their brightening formula. it has a watery consistency that makes it difficult to use. i find the method mentioned above, or mixing it in my palm with my moisturizer, is the best way to apply the product. i think if you are looking for something to really fight signs of sundamage, you should look elsewhere. i notice minimal effects when using this, and it’s probably my least favorite of the three.
super bounce is their hydrating formula and is quite a thick consistency — to the point that it’s difficult to get the product out of the dropper. overall, i find this to be hydrating but not especially so. hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient for hydration, but you can find cheaper versions out there with likely similar effects.
super pure is their sensitivity formula promoted as best to calm sensitive skin or breakouts. this product probably has probably the most ideal consistency of all three serums. i find it to be effective but not game-changing; i likely use this product the most of the three supers.

key takeaways: overall, i think there are better serums out there for the cost. kiehl’s, for example, makes a very highly rated serum that costs $10 less per ounce. will not repurchase any of the three.
cost per ounce: $56
total price: $28 for .5 fl oz.

balm dotcom
balm dot com is basically a very expensive version of aquaphor. if you’re looking for natural, you’re not going to want to get this as it contains petrolatum. i will say that i enjoy the slightly thicker consistency, and even the unscented version has a pleasant, if medicinal, fragrance. i quite like balm dotcom but will likely not repurchase. my favorite of the scented versions is coconut. the product is touted as a “universal skin salve” but i can’t see anyone using it anywhere other than the lips due to the greasy, thick consistency.

key takeaways: there are better, cheaper lip balms out there.
cost per ounce: $24
total price: $12 for .5 fl oz.

priming moisturizer
i received multiple samples of priming moisturizer with my orders, so i have tried it without actually purchasing. i did not find priming moisturizer to be any more hydrating than simple cetaphil or cera-ve lotions from the drugstore, so i never purchased it. this may be more suitable for someone with oily skin, but keep in mind the cost per ounce for something quite basic. i also found the consistency to be a bit sticky and didn’t particularly like it under my makeup. one thing that i think glossier is really missing the mark on is the lack of spf in their products. priming moisturizer would be a good candidate for sunscreen; as a company that markets itself as “skincare first,” not having a single product in their line up with spf is a serious misstep.

key takeaways: for the price, you might be better off getting something from the drugstore unless you’re specifically looking for something paraben and cruelty free. i try to buy as much as i can that isn’t tested on animals, so this is a plus for me.
cost per ounce: $15
total price: $25 for 1.7 fl oz.

moisturizing moon mask
as i said, i have quite dry skin, so i was excited to try moisturizing moon mask as a weekly treatment to soothe and hydrate my skin. what i really like about it is the cooling, soothing sensation it gives when you apply it, and it does leave my skin feeling more moisturized. however, for me the formula isn’t really a mask; my skin actually absorbs it more like a moisturizer, so i really have to use a lot of the product to build a layer on my skin so it serves as a mask.

key takeaways: i like this product, although i don’t think i will reorder. there are a multitude of great masks out there to try.
cost per ounce: $7
total price: $22 for 3 fl oz.

cosmetics i’ve tried

boy brow
boy brow was the first product i ever tried from glossier, and i really like it. i’ve previously used a similar product from bobbi brown but prefer boy brow. it’s easy to use, the product feels natural on your skin and hair, and is buildable. there’s a reason it’s their best-selling product, and it makes a great first foray into filling in your brows. it’s so easy, so fast, i think it’s one worth trying. i use this in the shade brown.

key takeaways: this is probably my favorite glossier product. i have purchased multiple times and will continue to use boy brow.
cost per ounce: $145
total price: $16 for .11 oz.

stretch concealer
stretch concealer is a really nice, light concealer. if you’re looking for something that’s full-coverage, this product is not for you. however, i tend to like a lighter-weight formula in my cosmetics, so i think this is a great product. since its base is avocado oil, it does tend to make my mascara on my lower lashes transfer to my eye lid, but setting it with a powder lessens the effect. if you like dewy, natural make-up, this is a great product to try. the limited number of shades is definitely a deterrent, and i actually picked up both light and medium so i could customize my shade.

key takeaways: i like this product for light make-up days and a natural finish.
cost per ounce: $106
total price: $18 for .17 oz.

generation g
generation g was the second glossier product i ever tried, and i was not impressed. the product was highly drying with a low color pay-off, and i never use them. it’s my understanding that they reformulated the product within the past few months, and i have not tried the new formula. i have shades crush and like but i never use them.
key takeaways: there is a lot of competition in the lipstick market. these are $1 more than a mac lipstick, for .01 oz more product. for the amount needed to build the color, you’re better off with something from mac.
cost per ounce: $257
total price: $18 for .07 oz.

perfecting skin tint
perfecting skin tint is a really lightweight tinted liquid foundation. i actually purchased it in both light and medium so i could customized the shade, and it is very sheer. it’s not particularly hydrating, and i feel the product would be seriously improved if it contained spf. glossier markets to their customer as though the products are designed to be easy, multi-use cosmetics that simplify your routine. if you use this, you’d defintely need to purchase a separate product for sun protection, which adds steps and cost to your routine. the twenty-something customer that glossier is targeting really should be diligent about their sunscreen so as to prevent aging, but they have to go elsewhere to get it, and that is really a loss to the company. anyway, i do like this item for its sheer coverage that gives a pretty, naturally dewy finish. i found the best way to apply this is to dispense the product onto the back of my hand, and then use either my fingers or a beauty blender to smooth it onto my face.
key takeaways: i really like this product, although i will probably not reorder once i’m out. i think it would be vastly improved if it were formulated with spf.
cost per ounce: $26
total price: $26 for 1 fl oz.

i was really excited to try haloscope, but i think it is rather underwhelming. i like the concept with the coconut oil core to provide moisture, but it makes applying a bit difficult. when i apply the product over my foundation, i find it simply smears the foundation around and the product doesn’t actually build on my skin. the color is really pretty when applied to the back of the hand, but i think this is best used on bare skin, which is not exactly realistic. in theory, this is a great concept because of the ease of application using a stick; however, it falls flat. i bought this in the shade quartz and it is a lovely champagne pink.

key takeaways: highlighters are a huge category for beauty right now; keep looking.
cost per ounce: $116
total price: $22 for .19 fl oz.

products i’ve yet to try

milky jelly cleanser
everyone i’ve spoken to who’s tried milky jelly cleanser seems to really like it. i am disinclined to spend a lot of money on a cleanser, and my skin tends to react pretty quickly to those it doesn’t like. i actually don’t really cleanse my skin that often, so while i am curious about milky jelly, i’m not sure i will ever order it. the fact that it’s fragrance free, though, does bode well for my skin… so never say never.
cost per ounce: $3
total price: $18 for 6 fl oz.

priming moisturizer rich
i am admittedly quite curious about this product as a more hydrating big sister to priming moisturizer. however, i currently use kiehl’s ultra facial cream, which is $11 per ounce. i’m quite loyal to that product and my skin really likes it (never burns, and i use it as my regular moisturizer), but i can see myself trying this in addition to the kiehl’s.
cost per ounce: $21
total price: $35 for 1.7 fl oz.

cloud paint
cloud paint is glossier’s newest product and is their version of a cream blush. i’ve never been a big fan of cream blushes so i have little interest in this product, although if i were to get it i’d likely order it in the shade dusk as the color looks very pretty and natural. for the price per ounce, cloud paint seems to be pretty reasonable compared to other similar items (nars’ the multiple, which is arguably the holy grail of cream blushes, is $78 per ounce).
cost per ounce: $55
total price: $18 for .33 fl oz.

mega greens galaxy pack
since i like moisturizing moon mask, i’d like to try this product at some point. i really like purifying masks like this, and have been using one from caolion (a korean skin care brand) that i really like. i just reordered it, but the cost of mega greens is a lot better. however, if mega greens is anything like moisturizing moon mask, the lower cost per ounce might be negated by the sheer amount of product required to get the mask to build on the skin. the caolion is quite thick and easily buildable.
cost per ounce: $7
total price: $22 for 3 fl oz.

soothing face mist
face mists are another popular skincare product right now largely due to their versatility. many people use these as a setting spray for their makeup as well as a refreshing mist for rehydration throughout the day. i’ve been curious about this product but if you’re looking just at cost, the mario badescu is only $7 for the same size bottle. personally, i have the herbivore botanicals rose spray that is actually priced higher at $8 an ounce. it’s a bit sticky on my skin, and i really don’t use it that often. i’m not dying to try a different facial mist because of this, but i am curious about soothing face mist, so i may try it at some point.
cost per ounce: $5
total price: $18 for 4 fl oz.


boy brow, stretch concealer, perfecting skin tint, & moisturizing moon mask


supers, generation g

final thoughts

that’s a lot of information, so thank you for taking the time to read it! i hope you found it helpful. if you’d like to shop any of my favorites, click here to receive 20% off your first order.  i hope you all found these reviews beneficial. look for more beauty content from me in the future as i share my thoughts on skincare, cosmetics, and haircare. i’d love to hear your feedback on what y’all thought of this post, so please feel free to share what you liked or disliked in the comments below!

photo by me.

that’s a wrap, folks! ➸

many thanks for reading!

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