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hi, friends!

hope you all had the most wonderful thanksgiving holiday!  this is one of my favorite times of year and i hope you all got to spend it with family.  as someone who works in retail, i know what it’s like to have to cut your holidays short or to have to spend it away from family.  this year i was lucky enough to get to be with my family, and got to see my younger brother for the first time in close to a year.  i really hope you all got to share it with the ones you love, and that you feel loved throughout this special time of year.

for this shoot, delaney and i went to local refuge edwin warner park to scout some beautiful natural settings.  it was pouring rain and was very cold, but the two of us were total troopers!  the scenery was beautiful and the lighting was actually pretty good, so we we really got lucky and were glad we toughed it out!



hat – free people; tunic – free people; jacket – free people; socks – target {old, similar here}; boots – rag & bone


this outfit is my version of a going out look.  i think thigh-high socks bring sex appeal to just about any look, plus they are comfortable and warm.  i am not about dressing inappropriately for the weather; i think it makes you look like you’re trying to hard.  try pairing knee- or thigh-high socks, some ankle boots or heels, sheer black tights (i’m wearing very opaque tights because it was cold but would substitute sheers for going out), and your favorite summery dress to winterize it when you go out.  throw on a cute coat or cozy sweater and you’re good to go.  i wanted to wear this shaggy jacket to take it the extra boho mile, but a great boyfriend cardi does the trick just as well.



these rag and bone newbury boots are my favorite.  they are pricy (i got them back when i was an employee at nordstrom) but they are a nicely made boot and very comfortable.  while i could never wear them a whole day at work if i’m on my feet a lot, i can definitely wear them if i’m going to be sitting most of the day and they are suitable for a night out.  they come in a bevy of fabrications and colors to suit just about any style.  i’ve got crushes on the black leather and leopard calf hair versions as well.



as you may have noticed, i love socks.  especially in the winter (i say this because i also wear them quite frequently in the warmer months), i think they are a great way to add detail and interest to a look.  typically what makes an outfit feel pulled together and “styled” is the fact that they are layers to it — accessories make the outfit.  think of socks as as much of an accessory as jewelry or a bag (i had to omit my bag from this shoot because i didn’t want it to get rained on).  to get your feet wet, try a thick pair of camp socks with your ankle boots and jeans next weekend, or a pair of knee-highs with your riding boots.  if you’re a bit skittish, remember that the closer they are in color to your pants, the less noticeable they are.


that’s a wrap, folks! ➸

many thanks for reading!

➳ alyssa

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